Premium Fibre Conditioning Pellet

Lupin Pellet

Our Lupin pellets are a high source of fibre, suitable for conditioning and maintaining the condition of all horses in all disciplines. Lupin are considered a super fibre, as they are low in sugar and starch.

Lupin pellets are made in Australia. They are made from 100% Australian ingredients of Lupin Kernels and Lupin Hulls. All ingredients are 100% chemical free and non GMO.

Lupin Pellets allows horse owners the benefits of a cost effective feed that supports optimum health and performance in all horse breeds for horses of all disciplines.

Why Choose Lupin Pellet?

  • Source of Digestible Fibre
  • Grain Free Low Sugar
  • Improves Gastric Health
  • High Fibre Low Starch
  • Non Heating Energy Source
  • Improve Gut Health
  • Laminitis, EMS & Ulcer Safe


  • Lupin Hulls and Kernels